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Hello there strangers


I'm sure I have lost all my followers though. lol I want to get back into my journal after my 9 month absence. My job is going good, but Ryan and I may be moving! He has a job interview in Charlotte, NC and I couldn't be more excited. Our wedding date is set for Aug 4th 2012 and it is sneaking up soooo fast. We have the venue set, my dress bought and paid for, the videographer, photographer and D.J. set up and possibly the flowers. Planning a wedding is fun but there is A LOT to remember. I am glad we stretched out this engagement. I thought it would take awhile, but it is really flying by. It feels like yesterday that we got engaged and it was over a year ago. I can't even imagine anymore getting engaged and then married a year later. It took me a year to adjust tot he fact I am engaged! Nothing new going on other than those things. I'll keep everyone updated :) If you are still reading my journal let me know :)

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