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I hear your voice and suddenly I'm falling [entries|friends|calendar]
~*Danielle Elizabeth*~

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Hello there strangers [28 Sep 2011|10:07am]
[ mood | working ]


I'm sure I have lost all my followers though. lol I want to get back into my journal after my 9 month absence. My job is going good, but Ryan and I may be moving! He has a job interview in Charlotte, NC and I couldn't be more excited. Our wedding date is set for Aug 4th 2012 and it is sneaking up soooo fast. We have the venue set, my dress bought and paid for, the videographer, photographer and D.J. set up and possibly the flowers. Planning a wedding is fun but there is A LOT to remember. I am glad we stretched out this engagement. I thought it would take awhile, but it is really flying by. It feels like yesterday that we got engaged and it was over a year ago. I can't even imagine anymore getting engaged and then married a year later. It took me a year to adjust tot he fact I am engaged! Nothing new going on other than those things. I'll keep everyone updated :) If you are still reading my journal let me know :)


* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

onto a new life journey [30 Nov 2010|11:34am]
[ mood | cold ]

I have finally quit my first job ever, putting on my big girl pants, and am putting my degree to use. I will be a Sales Manager in Training at a local hotel and eventually moving up to a Sales Manager for an indoor water park the hotel will be putting in. I am excited about this new adventure and surprisingly not that nervous yet. It just feels right. My last day at Tops will be Friday. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I'm sure I will be sad when the day comes. Even though I have bitched and complained about my job and how much I "hate" it, its hard because its my first job, I have worked there for over 5 years, I have made great friends, and some great memories. But it is all about a new life journey. I am starting a new chapter in my life and it feels strange but exciting. I have a college degree, I am engaged, and I am going to start my career. I am in a great place in my life and very happy with it.

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im terrible [29 Oct 2010|12:20am]
[ mood | cold ]

I really wish i was addicted to livejournal like a i use to be but im just not. I would sit on here for HOURS everyday a few years ago. I guess facebook took over my life. But anyways...the anniversary of my dad's death is on sunday. Yes...it's Halloween day. Engaged life is wonderful and i love my blang blang. I have my wedding band already and its reeeeally blang blang. haha. Whatta loser. I can't wait until I'm married and can wear it xD For Halloween Ryan and I are going to be redneck bride and groom and it's super cute. Ryan and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary a few weeks ago by going to the Bills game with about 30 of our friends. soooo fun. I think thats about it. Later gatorrrs.

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

big news!!! [21 Jul 2010|02:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

facebook me, Danielle Stocking, to see the blang blaaaaang.

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

hiii [21 Jun 2010|11:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I still dont have my computer fixed so thats why I havent updated a lot. Nothing new in my life except loving summer and going to a TON of concerts. That's all.

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

my life as of now [21 Apr 2010|10:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

sorry I haven't updated in like 3 months. My computer has been down and I have been using my mom's computer. And i never bother going on livejournal on here because I have a special saved folder for all my favorite journals to read. But anyways, my life is same old same old. Work and partying on the weekends. I have also lost 2 friends in the past 2 months. My friend Lindsay who I was so close with was killed by a snowplow on Feb. 27. And another friend who i have lost touch with in the past 2 years passed away in L.A. where she has been living and going to school. I have been having a really hard time with Lindsay's death. We were super tight all through high school but lost touch after. But we still remained friends when we ran into each other out at concerts or the bars. The last time I saw her was exactly 2 weeks before she passed on February 13th. Even though we weren't the best of friends anymore, I miss her like we still were super close. I miss her and I feel like I was an awful friend and i regret soooo many things. I have learned to NEVER take anyone or anything for granted. I lost my gramma who was like my mother and my best friend in 2008, and then my dad 8 months later on Halloween in a hunting accident. And then Lindsay and Brandi. Around here, the weather is always a blizzard or something and no one thinks anything of it. Driving through a foot of snow is no big deal. So when i heard Lindsay was killed by a snow plow it really was a reality check for me. It could happen to ANYONE i know, including me. And the weather wasnt even that bad that day. Some slush on the road, but nothing unusual that we HAVEN'T dealt with since the age of 16. And then Brandi go pneumonia and also bit by a bad spider (I'm not sure of the entire details of how she passed exactly, but im pretty sure these had something to do with it), and those 2 things could happen to anyone of us. It really has been freaking me out. I have been a depressed mess and i panic everyday something is going to happen to Ryan. (We have now been together for 5 1/2 years woo hooo!!!)So everyone....love everyone around you, don't hold grudges, and don't say bad things about your friends, because you may regret them down the road, and will never be able to take them back. Ok...the Sabres are in overtime, and I wouldn't be a true western new yorker if i stopped watching. facebook is blowing up every 2 seconds about this game. Oh yea, im addicted to facebook to find me on there. I love new friends! Danielle Stocking. Just search me =]

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

fed up [27 Jan 2010|03:16pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Dear mom,

I'm sorry I can't be the daughter you want me to be. Even though I busted my ass for you this weekend while you were out of town, it wasn't appreciated because I suck at everything you want me to do. Thanks for screaming at me and telling me not to even come home because the house wasnt to your standards even though I cleaned non stop all weekend just to please you when you got home. I can't wait to move out because I can't live with you anymore. I'll stay out of your way. If you would like to apologize I'll be locked in my room, or out of the house somewhere.

Sincerely, your daughter,


* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

nothing to write [20 Jan 2010|10:07am]
[ mood | bored ]

I haven't updated in awhile because I never get on my computer anymore for the fact that it is crap. Also, I have nothing to write about because my life consists of work, ryan, sleep, friends, and going out every now and then. Can't find a job because there is nothing around here for my major. So i am still at good ole Tops Friendly Markets like I have been since high school. Soooooo.....I guess I will leave you with this....

This is why Buffalo is 2nd in the country for the most/craziest sports fans (even though all our teams suck). This is what ya godda do in Buffalo to go to a game. Because you don't go to a game and NOT tailgate. duuuuuuuh. The weather was almost 0 degrees and it was sold out. Love it. I can't wait until Bills season starts up again ♥

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

DONE [16 Dec 2009|03:28pm]

I'm nervous about this.
* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

blah blah blah [21 Oct 2009|10:58pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

One day I will make an entry about all my pet peeves and I would love to know from my readers if I am justified in my pet peeves or not. I have noticed lately I can be pretty judgmental. But a lot of things I think I can justify but I dunno. Maybe I'm just becoming bitter like an old lady haha. New post coming soon.

2 * * C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

[14 Oct 2009|08:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Here are some pictures from my birthday weekend and the Bills game. This isn't even half of the pictures, but i don't feel like putting all the pictures on here. ENJOY!!!

21 years old and BUFFALO BILLS!!!Collapse )

hope you liked. the rest are on facebook.
* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

i need to go to bed [29 Sep 2009|11:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]


sooooooooo funny.

Bills lost. Bummer. I still had so much fun tailgating and watching my Buffalo Bills. O yea...and Reggie Bush. Maybe I'll put up some pictures when i finally get to uploading them. Maybe some from my birthday too. We'll see.

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

I BILLieve [20 Sep 2009|10:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The Bills make me want to SHOUT
Kick your heals up and SHOUT
Throw your hands up and SHOUT
Common now
The Bills are gonna make it happen now
ey ey ey ey
ey ey ey ey
Let's go Buffalo
The Bills make me want to SHOUT!!!
(the theme song i have grown up listening to and that everyone in western new york knows. And i shortened the song up because I was too lazy to type it all haha)

Bills won today!!! And I bought tickets for the game a week from today. They play the New Orleans Saints. Hellooooo Reggie Bush. Welcome to Buffalo next Sunday ;)

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

happy birthday to meeee! [07 Sep 2009|01:23pm]
[ mood | hungover ]

Yesterday was my 21st. I had fun last night. And saturday night we had a limo and went downtown buffalo since bars are open until 4. I only had one drink but drank plenty at the wedding we went to before we left. And i DEFINITELY had enough to drink last night.

Ok staring at this screen is making my headache worse.

1 * * C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

wooohooo!!! [30 Aug 2009|11:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

A week from today i will be 21.

I just put up 3 albums on facebook plus one video and it took me an hour. Go to my facebook to see them because after an hour, i dont feel like posting anymore pictures. If your not my friend I will add you. just give me a heads up on in my journal.

or just search me. Danielle Stocking.

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

lazy ass [23 Aug 2009|11:17pm]
I have just been tooooo lazy to get on my computer so that is why i haven't posted in awhile. But i will update you on my life a bit. Tuesday my mom gave me a puppy for an early birthday present. (My birthday is september 6th). It is a pug and her name is Lucy. She is so naughty but so adorable and i love her too pieces. I have a trillion pictures of Watkins Glen when we went to the Nascar Race, the Brad Paisley concert, and the pirate party that i went to last night. Speaking of last night, i had an awesome time. Ryan's uncle and aunt have a boat and their dock had a huge Pirates of the Caribbean party. It was a shit show, which i enjoyed every second of. Hopefully i am not too lazy to post some pictures when i get them on my computer because some of them are pretty priceless. School starts tomorrow. I'm not really dreading it. Even though last semester was the hardest one i have ever been through and busted my ass to get the 4.0, im actually looking forward to school. I enjoy my major and i LOVE my professor who is the department head of the Tourism and Hospitality program. I am ready for new experiences in my life and getting out of Tops, where i have worked since my senior year of high school. But at the same time i am nervous to graduate because i will be in the real world. eeek. I think i have a big wake up call ahead of me after December and graduation. Hmmm...i wish i had some fun stuff to talk about but i really don't. Sooooo...i guess im going to read other people's journals and facebook stalk since i haven't in awhile. BYE =)
* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

camping tomorrow [05 Aug 2009|08:55pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Tomorrow i will leave for Watkins Glen to camp and be surrounded by hicks and country folks and go to the Nascar race. Shall be a gooooood time. Be back monday!!!!

* C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

new ride [28 Jul 2009|05:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i got a new car. my dear friend brittany sold it to me since she works at a car dealership. Its a 2004 chrysler sebring. nothing fancy, but it was time for a new car. im definitely going to miss my 98 cavalier =( Wow my car is oooold. but it has treated me good. I've had it since the beginning of my senior year of high school, and im going to be a senior in college. wowzzz.

1 * * C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

im an addict [22 Jul 2009|11:01am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Its official. I'm addicted to facebook games. The first step is admitting it right???

1 * * C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

laying in bed wide awake [16 Jul 2009|05:39am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am so unhappy with myself but have no willpower to make changes. I've tried. Ugh. But on a happier note, i went to the rascal flatt's concert on saturday and it was one of the best concerts i have been to in i long time. I feel like i want summer to speed up and slow down at the same time. I want it to speed up because i want to hurry up and get my last semester over with but i want it to slow down because i am not ready for the cold or the homework and extra busy schedule. I dunnooooo. Ok i'm going to watch some tv and hopefully get back to sleep.

2 * * C * O * M * M * E * N * T * S *

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