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onto a new life journey

I have finally quit my first job ever, putting on my big girl pants, and am putting my degree to use. I will be a Sales Manager in Training at a local hotel and eventually moving up to a Sales Manager for an indoor water park the hotel will be putting in. I am excited about this new adventure and surprisingly not that nervous yet. It just feels right. My last day at Tops will be Friday. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I'm sure I will be sad when the day comes. Even though I have bitched and complained about my job and how much I "hate" it, its hard because its my first job, I have worked there for over 5 years, I have made great friends, and some great memories. But it is all about a new life journey. I am starting a new chapter in my life and it feels strange but exciting. I have a college degree, I am engaged, and I am going to start my career. I am in a great place in my life and very happy with it.
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