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Here are some pictures from my birthday weekend and the Bills game. This isn't even half of the pictures, but i don't feel like putting all the pictures on here. ENJOY!!!

wedding before we went out at midnight for my birthday. This is one of my best friends alison. She was Ryan's best friend's date to his brother's wedding.

yes that is a camo vest. you godda remember im from the country all you LJers out there.

I'm not really into the whole crown and sash thing, but ryan's best friend bought them for me...so i gave in.

The actual day of my birthday...BIG KAHOONA!!!!

Let me all explain...you had to be there. I have tons more that are hilarious but you will probably think im strange. But a ton of us had so much fun with this babaaay.

We were pretending to be Bob's grandma and some guy at the wedding.

It was soooo cold

Bills game. I BILLIEVE....even though they lose every week.

it didnt even rain...but those ponchos are rockin

Everytime he drinks he always always ALWAYS spills on himself


Reggie Bush...wadda sexy man.

hope you liked. the rest are on facebook.
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